Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama the Sugar Daddy

I'm just going to post a few thoughts on Obama's ideas for U.S. retirement options. We all know that many have lost tons of money in the last 5 years. I can even remember post 9/11 woes around the Pacific Northwest. People were liquidated land and other property like R.V.s, boats, cars, and extra homes in order to make up for their economic losses.

Obama is suggesting We the People to take U.S. Savings Bonds in exchange for cash refunds. I suggest we work out our taxes so we owe Zero to the I.R.S. We should take the money and invest it ourselves. It is better to owe nothing than have the I.R.S. owe us. Receiving Savings Bonds is a bad exchange as we have no guarantee that they will be worth anything when we are ready to cash them in.

Obama is also suggesting businesses to start 401k plans for employees with a minimal pay day deduction of 3%. No really big deal there, but do we really need the President to tell us how to save our own money? Next thing you know is he'll be tucking us in at night after first telling us to go potty and brush our teeth.

Get real Mr. President. Don't you have enough on your plate without having to be Sugar Daddy to the citizens of this great country? Why should we put our money in the banks when we simply don't know whether the banks will fail? Why should employers start 401k plans when that will just be added overhead for business? Business have to hire personnel to handle these plans. Usually these professionals are payed pretty well so while the employees may benefit from a company ran 401k, the business will lose tons of money in the process.

Bottom line people, if we are going to save money then do it. We ought not depend of the Government to walk us through it and shouldn't depend on our employers to do it for us. The President thinks we are all just stupid idiots who have absolutely no idea how to live life as independent thinkers. Let's prove him wrong and begin thinking and acting for ourselves.

Smaller government starts at home. We all need to be proactive in our personal responsibility to plan for our own future (both in a collective and individual sense). If we let the government do it for us, we will no longer be free, but mindless slaves of a dictator who really has no experience other than assigning fascist czars to run things for him.

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