Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christians in Politics

The forms of government in the Bible are dictatorships or monarchies or a combination of both. The United States Government was designed to be nothing like any other county in the world. If I lived in any other country in the world, I would not worry about stuff, I would just submit. In this country, I have a responsibility as a citizen to be involved. The founders of this nation set up the people as the governing body with individual representatives that would meet on our behalf. These representatives would also be our ambassadors to foreign nations. These representatives have certain rules they are supposed to follow. If they break the rules, we have a system in place to address the unruly. The bottom line is, when things get really bad and our representatives are actually misrepresenting us, we are under obligation to put a stop to it. It is in our Constitution.

Our representatives really should know their place in our form of government. Currently they are ignoring the masses of peaceful protesters by closing their doors, shutting out the media, ignoring their phones and e-mail. Instead, they are pushing their own agenda which is contrary to our form of government. In short, our representatives are breaking the foundational laws of this country.

There is nothing wrong with Christians running for office. Most of our founding fathers were Christians. All were at least God fearing. The public school system was started by a Christian. All the Ivy League Colleges used to be leading seminaries. Many of the leaders of the Revolutionary War were pastors. So, to say that Christians have no place in the politics of this country is just pure silliness. ... See More

If God fearing men and women refuse to engage in the public sphere, the influence of Christ in this country will diminish to nothing and Christians will begin to be persecuted here just like they are in most every other country of the world. If Christians refuse to be Cops, councilmen, mayors, state and federal representatives and senators, Christians will begin to be persecuted in this country for sure. Christ influences governments through the Sons of the Kingdom.

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