Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Constitutional Reading

Originally, I set out to write about the Second Amendment and got totally side-tracked with a particular website. In this website, not only did I find the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I also found thousands of articles explaining the original intent of the authors of the sacred documents. In this country, our kids do not even study the Constitution. Many have not even read it. All claim it's authority, but have really not ever read it. In law school, the students study case law, not the Constitution.

Today, the Constitution is said to be a living, breathing document. Well, if that is truly the case, then why do people still refer to the original as authoritative if it is all relative to the subjective interpretations of 21st century "experts"? No, to understand what ancient documents mean, the literary researcher must go back in time and read documents and letters that were contemporary to the document in question. In this case, the researcher must look for the writings of the signers of the Constitution. Look for the writings of Ben Franklin, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the others. Look for letters from the leaders of the colonies. Look at early state constitutions. Another interesting read would be the writings of Benjamin Rush. What was he all about?

The Constitution was written by men who were very well educated, and in several cases, were themselves educators. Many of these men began pursuing adult-like occupations when they were merely 14 years old. These guys' education far exceeded that of modern lawyers. They all were at least bilingual and fluent in the laws of at least 2 other countries in addition to the one they were just birthing. They were also all fluent in the Bible which is taboo amongst today's educated elite.

So, for our schools to ignore the Constitution, and it's contemporary writings in the favor of the trivialities of history, is really hurting the future of our nation. But, we are all still free men. This means we can educate ourselves on matters of the constitution and matters of government. Our nation is truly dependent upon her people to educate themselves. Our schools are not doing their jobs. I'm really not sure what kids are learning in school, but a high majority of them are graduating without the knowledge the historical roots of this nation. Many are graduating without even being able to read. Being illiterate is a terrible handicap because, unless they learn how to read, how will they know their roots? Many slave owners refused to allow their slaves to be literate because their education would ultimately result in their freedom. Our freedom is being infringed upon by the public schools because they are failing to teach our kids how to read.

But I digress. Take a look at this website: http://www.constitution.org/

Actually, one little look and you will be hooked. Enjoy your history.
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