Sunday, April 4, 2010

Run for Office

How come regular folks like us don't run for local office? Are Christians content to believe the status quot? You know, "Christians should stay home and go to church, make babies, and work their fields and stay out of politics". Have you ever heard that before? You guys are adults now and you are still believing the propaganda from the 50's. Shall we let them just have the country and squander it all to the Chinese or whoever the pink-slip holder might be?

The Chinese don't want our country or they would have taken it by now. How are we going to take it back, pay off our debts, a repent to God for past blatant sins? It starts on the local level. There is not a country on the face of this planet that has ever survived once headed down the path we are on. But we are different.

We are still a Free People can can cry out to God in repentance and ask forgiveness. We can still challenge all liberals for local, county, state and federal offices.

I believe our country's Christians have been brainwashed into believing that Christians should stay out of politics. Every day since 1776, Christians have been forced to compromise ground. The school system was once founded by a Christian and ran by Christians or at least God fearing people. Now Christians have been forced to compromise that ground. Why? That are afraid of the fight. They believe Christians are to love one another and never pick up the sword and should never ever argue for mere property. Who told them that?

Well, it was not the founding fathers, many of whom were Godly men with Godly women and children at home. These men sacrificed everything to make sure this country got off to the right start. What are we going to do to honor these families who gave their all?

Ah, just go back to your video games, movies, and jobs (if you have one) and leave the politics to someone who is experienced. NOT!! The experienced ones are those that have sold us out to the Chinese, have refused to pay off our debts, are forcing us into Socialism, who threaten our very freedoms and who have been striving to do this since 1776.

Let's stop giving them our ground because the last stronghold is our freedom. You name it: Freedom of Religion (Christianity not cults), Right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, and the freedom to move about the country, innocent until proven guilty, right to bear children and train them up the way we see fit...I can go on but you get the picture. The last stronghold is our freedom.
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