Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cordoba Initiative and the Sleeping Giant

Everyone seems to think that Muslims are really peaceful and want to get along with everybody. Everyone seems to think that it is a Nation's best interest to simply leave the Muslims to themselves.

But I have some questions. First, what is the Cordoba Initiative? Why is the U.S. communicating favouritism towards Islam while at the same time showing intolerance towards Christianity? Why is it such a big deal to burn some Korans when it is totally acceptable to burn the U.S.A. Flag or even to burn some Christian Bibles? Why is there a big cloud of complacency among over 50% of U.S. citizens towards to ever growing threat of Islam to this country? What is it that Muslims and Islam want with this Nation? And finally, what can American citizens do to prevent a take-over of the U.S.A. by Islam? And getting back to the title of this blog, how does the Cordoba Initiative play into all this tolerance mumbo-jumbo amongst the media and our government?

These are the questions that I want to answer. I will handle them one by one. First off, I am a Christian and am always looking for ways that I can remain at peace with all mankind, including those associated with the Islamic movement. But what is Islam? Where did it start? Who started it?
Where did Islam Start?


Some of what I have been able to read on-line is the fact that Islam is really striving to take over the world. Militant Muslims are the minority, but most Muslims could get militant at the drop-of-a-hat. However, most do not need to be militant. All they need to do is continue having babies, being model citizens, getting involved in local, state and federal government and then before long, they are a heavy majority in government. Then it is all over. America will be over as we know it. It is called long term assimilation. Our history is already being rewritten to include the insignificant contribution of ancient Muslims to American civilization. The Roanoke history to be exact. Actually, historians are now including the Muslim history rather than continuing to exclude it. But, nonetheless, the people of Islam have no land and because of that feel the need to expand into other civilizations and gradually take over the land and eventually simply establish their form of governance one the Muslim population has arisen to dominating levels.

Should U.S. citizens be concerned? Yes, most definitely. Muslims have babies and those babies grow up. The average population rate of the U.S. is 2%. The average population rate of Muslim America is far greater. By 2020, the face of America will be far different. I'm not talking as much about race as I am talking about the movement of Islam. You can be any race and cling to Islam. After Islam has matured enough within a civilization, the Islamic people can simply take over the government without struggle and then demand all to turn to Islam or die. Christians and Jews are high on the list and then other religions follow. Basically, if you are not of Islam then you either have to convert or die.

Our nation was founded on the principles of all men are free. It is on that principle that our nation will fall. People are free to turn to Islam and are free to bring it to the U.S.A. Our government will not regulate a religion so as long as Islam is categorized as such, it remains untouchable. And here is where its power exists under U.S.A. law. And this is why it seems America is now being kind towards Muslims. Muslims occupy a majority of the world. The U.S.A. is the last strong hold of freedom. The problem is, that freedom allows Islam to continue to flourish and will eventually allow Islam to take this nation over.

(Editors note:  This is an ongoing topic.  Please come back for an up-date.  Not all my questions have been answered as of yet.)
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