Sunday, May 29, 2011

Best Online Church

A few years ago, I went in search for a church that broadcasts services online. I found Sunvalley Community Church from Phoenix Arizona. I had an opportunity to meet their pastor in person 2 years ago, and let me tell you, he's real.

So, if you visit the site, you will notice a pretty real time feed. SVCC uses Bitgravity, Flash, and some other cool things that this end user certainly appreciates. Over the last 2 years, their sound has improved quite a bit. This certainly does not replace physically going to church. But, it does help if you have to be home sick. Good preaching, good music, and overall very encouraging.

Why is it the best? Well not like there was competition or anything. SVCC simply has the most user-friendly video interface. I am running their service right now on Fedora 14. I'm not missing a bit (or bite or gig or meg). The service keeps my attention and actually makes me want to visit next time I'm in Phoenix. Heck, I just might want to take my first Harley road trip to Phoenix just so I can go to SVCC.

SVCC is very tech friendly. They have lots of things to engage in. The bottom line is, they are getting Gospel of Jesus Christ out to the community they live in by means of the best possible methods. Check them out.

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