Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An old letter I receive from Rep. Rick Larson

Below is a letter I receive from Rep. Rick Larson (Democrat) regarding the old House health care bill. Late Saturday night, the House approved a variation of H.R. 3200. It has a different call number, more pages, and more extensive assaults on our freedoms.

Dear Jeff:

Thank you for taking time to contact me about health care reform. In recent months I have heard from many constituents like you who have shared their health care stories and concerns. To date, I have received over 7000 letters, emails, and calls on this important issue and I wish I could respond to each individually. However, I felt it was important to share my thoughts with you on health care reform today as we engage in this important debate across the district.

I believe that health care reform needs to happen. The status quo for health care is unacceptable. Small business owners cannot afford coverage for their employees, families are worried about their jobs and sky-high health care costs, and taxpayers have seen health care costs explode the federal budget deficit. Discrimination must stop for individuals who are denied coverage or charged through the roof because of their age or gender, or because they have a preexisting condition such as diabetes or cancer.

Since 2001, health care premiums have grown four times faster than wages. In the 2nd Congressional District, 104,000 people do not have health insurance. Many more are just a pink slip away from joining the ranks of the uninsured. Those who do have health care coverage are struggling with the high cost of care.

President Obama has rightly said that health care reform is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic imperative. If we want to create jobs and rebuild our economy here in Northwest Washington, then we must address the crushing cost of health care on our families and businesses.

I recently heard testimony in the House Budget Committee from economist Christina Romer, Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors. She testified that reforming health care can increase families' incomes and decrease the deficit. For a typical family of four, health care reform could put $2,600 more in their pockets by 2020 (in 2009 dollars), and nearly $10,000 more in their pockets by 2030. According to Dr. Romer, reforming health care could have a "very large" effect on the deficit in the long term.

The 111th Congress has made health reform a priority. Last month, congressional leaders introduced H.R. 3200. Based on the conviction that every American should have access to an affordable health insurance plan of his or her choosing, H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act, focuses on two main principles: expanding insurance options for the uninsured and strengthening protections for those who already have insurance coverage. This draft legislation would protect current coverage - allowing individuals to keep the insurance they have if they like it - and preserve choice of doctors, hospitals, and health plans.

This draft legislation also creates a new health insurance exchange in which uninsured individuals and small businesses can select affordable health insurance coverage from a public or private plan.

H.R. 3200, America's Affordable Health Choices Act:

o Ends Discrimination and Unfair Coverage Denials: Insurance companies will no longer be able to engage in discriminatory practices where they refuse to sell or renew policies due to an individual's health status. In addition, they can no longer exclude coverage of treatments for pre-existing health conditions.

o Creates Shared Responsibility: The draft legislation creates shared responsibility among individuals, employers and government to ensure all Americans have affordable health coverage. Except in cases of hardship, individuals will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining health insurance. Those who choose not to obtain coverage will pay a penalty, and those who cannot afford to obtain coverage will get help to do so. The proposal builds on the employer-sponsored coverage that exists today: employers will have the option of providing health insurance coverage for their workers or contributing funds on their behalf. Employers that choose to contribute will pay a fee. It will also create a new public option for health insurance coverage to compete with private insurance companies and help bring down costs for consumers.

o Creates A Health Insurance Exchange to Choose Insurance: The new Health Insurance Exchange creates a place for individuals and small businesses to comparison shop among public and private insurers. It sets and enforces insurance reforms and consumer protections, facilitates enrollment, and administers affordability credits to help low- and middle- income individuals and families purchase insurance.

o Provides Help for Small Businesses: Recognizing the special needs of small businesses which are the engine of our economy, an exemption from the employer responsibility requirement would be put in place for certain small businesses. In addition, a new small business tax credit will be available for those firms who want to provide health coverage to their workers, but cannot afford it today.

o Prevention and Wellness: The draft legislation expands Community Health Centers, creates community-based programs to deliver prevention and wellness services, and strengthens public health programs.

o Improves Medicare: The draft legislation will fill the "donut hole" in the Medicare Part D program. The current "donut hole" leaves a gap in the prescription drug medication program when seniors need it most. The draft bill provides a large down payment immediately into the donut hole and eliminates the discrepancy over a number of years.

o Controlling costs: The draft legislation will reduce the growth in health care spending by promoting more efficient delivery of health care to make sure that patients get the right treatment at the right time, in the most efficient way possible. This means rewarding the quality of care, not the quantity of care. The bill will also improve payment accuracy and eliminate overpayments, and prevent waste, fraud and abuse.

I do have some concerns about the original draft of the bill, but we have made progress to address them.

Under the status quo, Washington state is penalized for providing higher-quality, lower-cost care. Local Medicare reimbursement rates are so low that many local doctors do not accept patients on Medicare. This problem makes it harder for local seniors to get the care they need. It must be fixed. But under the original health care reform bill introduced in the House, this problem was not fixed. In fact, it was expanded. The same unfair, wasteful reimbursement policies would have been expanded from Medicare to the public insurance option and the local patients it would cover. An insurance card would be useless if a patient could not find a doctor to treat them.

That is why I have worked with Members of Congress from 16 states and the White House to improve the bill and get health reform that works for our state. I have pushed to get a fair deal and change the way health care is delivered to reward "value not volume" - value for the patient, not volume of tests or procedures.

Working with my colleagues from Washington and other states, we secured a deal with House leadership to help bring fairness for Washington state and greater access to care for local seniors. The agreement calls to reform Medicare payments, reward high-quality, cost-efficient care and remedy geographic disparities that hurt access to care for local patients.

Where are we now? Currently three House committees have passed their own versions of the health reform bill. Congressional leaders will combine these bills to decide on final legislation. A final vote is planned in September, and I will read the final bill carefully before I cast my vote.

In recent months I have heard from many constituents who have shared their health care stories. Over the August recess I am hosting town hall meetings and meeting with local health care providers to continue the health care reform discussion.

Congress is on the cusp of reforming health care to bring down costs, expand coverage and ban discrimination. Reforming health care will bring stability for working families. It will mean that my constituents will not have to worry about losing coverage or going bankrupt from medical bills they cannot afford. And as we head toward a final vote here in the House, I will keep working to ensure that health reform brings a fair deal for Washington state.


Rick Larsen
United States Representative
Washington State, 2nd District

Rick voted Saturday night, for a bill that will devastate our economy. HR 3962 will turn our country into a socialist wasteland in our life times. That means our children and our grandchildren will barely, if at all, remember life as free citizens of the U.S.A. This make me sick. Rick Larson and his comrades were, and still are reckless in their every attempt to kill this country as we once knew it and as we know it today. If they have their way on this and other things, they will totally kill this country.

Our parents and grandparents gave their lives to squelch out tyranny in the early 20th century. Obama and his flock are trashing every aspect of what our forefathers took over 200 years to build. Stop these people in their tracks. Make them be accountable to the People once again. Read the bills being worked on and passed in the House and the Senate. There are several places you can go to see what is going on. You can go to or to You can view the documents for free at each of these sites. I like Thomas because you can look at a all the things that are being discussed daily on the Senate and House floors. You won't believe the silly, little mundane, and stupid things they waste their time on. It is all public record.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My recent letter to Sen. Patty Murray

This is what I wrote to Sen. Patty Murray in response to here recent video chat that is currently on YouTube.

Our Health Care System is Fine

"Here is my story. I was cleaning my brushes in lacquer thinner when I accidentally splashed some into my eye. I immediately began flushing my eyes with water. I actually stood in the shower, fully clothed, and flushed my eyes with water for over 15 minutes.

While still in pain from the chemicals, my wife rushed me to the Everett Clinic in Stanwood. I was seen and treated almost immediately while my wife filled out the paper work. I fully recovered as a result of my quick thinking and good treatment from the Everett Clinic.

We have zero insurance. I made a down payment. The Everett Clinic billed us for the rest. I think we stretched the payments for 2 months.

The point is, the current health care system is privately run and works just fine. We do not need the United States Legislature to jump in and screw things up.

I saw your video and have come to the conclusion that you are not listening to your constituents. And, for your information, we do not have a "system". We have a privately run health care industry that works just fine.

Oh, what the heck is this National Emergency declaration over Swine Flu. In all my years, I have never heard of such of thing. Are they now going to be passing vaccines out in schools now? We truly do not have an epidemic. I feel bad for the families who have lost loved ones to the Flu. But really, the Flu takes lives every year and never has a National Emergency been declared. This is just a misuse of funds and power."

As you can see, any simple person can write his or her representatives in Washington. Maybe you can do a better job than me. The point here is just doing. Go to your elected officials web-site and use their e-mail section and blast off a message to them. The keyboard is mightier than the sword, you might say.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Say No

Here's the thing. I'm a really simple person, but I can read. I read the Constitution and come away with the knowledge that I am free. I also read some old writings from our Founding Fathers and discover that they believe all men are free, but some just do not know it yet.

Our government is currently in breach of the Constitution and the original intent of our Founding Fathers. It is currently conspiring to steel the freedoms from private businesses and citizens by instituting take-overs of banks, businesses, insurance companies and even home mortgages. The government should never be involved in such things as it is an infringement of the "Freeness" of the Freemen of this country.

If all people in this country would just say NO to new laws that are being passed and being attempted to pass, the government would have to stand down and rethink it's approach. The members of our government think if they make laws, people will have to abide by them. Well, if they read the Constitution, when these laws circumvent the Bill of Rights, the laws can be ignored and the government forced to submit to the people. The People rule this country. The Lawmakers are mere extensions of the People. When the right hand sins, cut it off, the Good Book says. If the eye sins, pluck it out. People, Freemen of the U.S.A., our government has sinned and continues to sin against the Bill of Rights and in doing so, have really declared war on the Citizens of this Great Nation.

What are we going to do about it people? Are we just going to sit around and let these Communist Thugs transform our beautiful country into a commie wasteland? What are we going to do about it? I say start with just saying NO. If they don't listen to that then remove them from office and replace them with people who will abide by the constitution.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So, what's up. I could be totally bummed right now. All hell is breaking loose in our nation. Our freedoms are currently being debated on the House and Senate floors. The President has formed a coalition of czars to research how Communism can save the U.S. economy. Don't these guys read history. Where has Communism actually helped the economy. Which nation does it really work in.

We are free in this nation. But, I could really be bummed thinking about all this but I am not. You know why? Because God created this world and He alone will dismantle it and destroy it. So, we humans will just keep living on until God says "It is Finished" once and for all. I hope in God through the Jesus Christ my Lord and living God. Nothing else matters. All other things I could hope in are fleeting. I am over 40 years old now. I should know of fleeting things.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama the Sugar Daddy

I'm just going to post a few thoughts on Obama's ideas for U.S. retirement options. We all know that many have lost tons of money in the last 5 years. I can even remember post 9/11 woes around the Pacific Northwest. People were liquidated land and other property like R.V.s, boats, cars, and extra homes in order to make up for their economic losses.

Obama is suggesting We the People to take U.S. Savings Bonds in exchange for cash refunds. I suggest we work out our taxes so we owe Zero to the I.R.S. We should take the money and invest it ourselves. It is better to owe nothing than have the I.R.S. owe us. Receiving Savings Bonds is a bad exchange as we have no guarantee that they will be worth anything when we are ready to cash them in.

Obama is also suggesting businesses to start 401k plans for employees with a minimal pay day deduction of 3%. No really big deal there, but do we really need the President to tell us how to save our own money? Next thing you know is he'll be tucking us in at night after first telling us to go potty and brush our teeth.

Get real Mr. President. Don't you have enough on your plate without having to be Sugar Daddy to the citizens of this great country? Why should we put our money in the banks when we simply don't know whether the banks will fail? Why should employers start 401k plans when that will just be added overhead for business? Business have to hire personnel to handle these plans. Usually these professionals are payed pretty well so while the employees may benefit from a company ran 401k, the business will lose tons of money in the process.

Bottom line people, if we are going to save money then do it. We ought not depend of the Government to walk us through it and shouldn't depend on our employers to do it for us. The President thinks we are all just stupid idiots who have absolutely no idea how to live life as independent thinkers. Let's prove him wrong and begin thinking and acting for ourselves.

Smaller government starts at home. We all need to be proactive in our personal responsibility to plan for our own future (both in a collective and individual sense). If we let the government do it for us, we will no longer be free, but mindless slaves of a dictator who really has no experience other than assigning fascist czars to run things for him.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Welcome to my first blog post on Blogger. This blog will be dedicated to Christian living in the U.S.A. Hey, if you are a Christian and live in the U.S.A., I'll be talking to you. If you are not a Christian and want to know what it is all about, keep tuned in. I will look at the world through biblical glasses and from the point of view of a regular guy. There will be book reviews, political commentary, a little story telling, and a little venting on my soap box as well. All this will be from a biblical perspective.

Stay tune.