Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hey wuts up

Here we are in March.  April is just around the corner.  Up here in the Pacific Northwest, there are a lot of things to do.  I personally have a bunch of stuff to do.  Here is my list:
1) Honda alternator
2) Honda door electrical
3) Honda radio antenae
4) Honda tire rubbing issue
5) Nissan oil change
6) Nissan strut change (all 4)
7) Nissan front axle swap (both
8) Toyota brakes
9) Toyota struts

And that is the short list.  I need to do the spring cleaning on the garage, finish my Discrete Math class, fix 4 lawnmowers (the mowing season is upon me) and get myself to LinuxFest NW is at the end of April.  But,  there's a lot to get done before then.

And you know what?  There is an annual Tulip Festival going on and there is ice cream there.

I might have to go to that.

Let's see, I mentioned Linux and did I mention Fedora 22 is coming out soon?  There's just a lot to get done before the LinuxFest NW and the release of Fedora 22.  It is Spring in the Pacific Northwest.