Saturday, February 25, 2012

Upgrade to F16

I'm giving it another shot. I'm using "preupgrade" to switch from 15 to 16. It is upgrading right now and is over half way through. Last time I tried this kde was having issues. Hope it works this time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

People Law and Land

About the land portion of the problem.  Our State Department is giving away Alaskan land.  This land is rich in resources and a possible strategic military location.  The give-away is to the Russians who have been our historic enemy since the dawn of time for some of us and since the early 20th century for our more seasoned People.  Billions of dollars are at stake in fisheries and oil beds.  This kind of junk has got to stop.

View the article here and write your congress person.

'Tis the Year for Politics...again

What I don't understand is why our parents and theirs and theirs and theirs  (my people are post Civil War) really didn't want to be involved in politics. Problem with that is now their  lack of involvement is causing this country a whole lot of unnecessary distress.

What would have been so wrong with writing  a few letters or joining a campaign or going on the record for something they believe in?  Instead they were content in minding their farms, their jobs, their families.  All while other folks were trusted with the nation's business.

Now it's those other folks that have been entrusted with the country, to take care of her on our behalf, who have assaulted, beaten, robbed, raped and pillaged her.  Now that all this has been done, she has been left vulnerable.

Inside, our citizens busy themselves with every day life while the trusties run the business of our homeland.  They have been running it into the ground since, like, forever.  Oh, now that all our opinions are split down the middle the borders are being ill maintained.

Let's back up here.  There are a few important things that make up a nation, namely:

1. People
2. Law
3. Land

And what has been happening in this country is the most basic of basic attributes of espionage; attack the People, change the Laws, take the land.

First, the People have been under attack since the first Liberal took over the deanships of our Ivy League Law Schools.  The most affective attack was to gradually introduce Case Law to replace the actual study and implementation of the actual law of the land which is supposed to be solidly founded in the Constitution and, yes, the Christian Bible. 

Another People attack has been Benjamin Rush's precious school system.  This  has been constantly undermined by Liberals who insisted on removing parent control, prayer, corporal punishment, national pride (pledge of allegiance to name one item) and practical education to be replaced with, tolerance (of all with the exception of the Christian Religion) sex education, free condoms (and birth control for girls), and less homework.

Let's get back to the laws.  Everyone says this is a nation of laws.  It is.  There are so many laws written that at least 95% of all of has broken 5 in our life times, some of which are punishable by fines or even time.  These laws are hidden and only available to those who need leverage against an individual.  For instance, if I leave my back yard alone I'm fine, but if I put in a creek (man made) and then a Bald Eagle comes done to wash, I have created a back-yard habitat which I have to maintain until the end of time.  That one comes from our local environmental laws.  Funny how that is.  If I decide I don't like the creek, tough.  It has to be maintained so the Eagles will have a nice place to live.

Land is another issue that has been under attack since at least the 1990's.  NAFTA is all nice and fine in a perfect world, but in the real world, it has causec major confusion among the 3 nations.  Borders are extremely important.  Without them, nations and people are undefined.  In other words, without them, people loose their identity.  We need borders and we need them to be enforced.  We cannot have a nation without them.  And, for some odd reason, the hired leaders of this country cannot seem to defend them.

On this note, and it is related, is the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  This section recognizes (does not grant) the rights of all citizens to keep and bear arms.  This was written so the People could defend their national borders to preserve their Land and the Laws that govern.  To strip this away by illogical gun laws is to leave all of our people defenceless.  And yet this has been done.  Sure we have Conceal Carry laws in several states, but that is still another form of Gun Control.  Bad Guys should be dealt with not the Good Guys.  Let the Good Guys protect themselves period.

(Great Article)

This brings me back to Arizona and the rest of the border states.  The Federal Government should say, for the record, all border citizens should arm themselves to defend there homes, there neighbourhoods, their towns, their counties, there states and this nations from all bad guys coming up from the South, the North, the East and the West.  If someone cannot afford a firearm, the governing authorities must issue one.  We must defend ourselves from the bad guys that come in illegally to traffic contraband and drugs across our borders.  If they are not here legally then they are breaking the law and must be forced back.

I wonder why our leaders cannot have simple laws, define our people and defend our borders.  We hire (elect) them to represent us while we go about our business of raising families, farming our land, manufacturing, and building.  We expect them to do a good job in representing us.  However, it seems they have their own agenda and their agenda appears to be the demise of this country.

What do they have to gain by destroying such a great nation?  Have they been promised a place at the top once the smoke clears?  The threat that looms over the horizon for this nation is utter and total destruction.  This threat has gained so much momentum and velocity that it seems to be moving forward on it's own.  And because of it's mass, it is almost unstoppable.

To save this nation, extreme effort is required of all citizens to come out of their slumber and act.  Yes please vote in this next election, but don't stop there.  Become active against anything that comes against our People, our Law, and our Land.  And if the laws attack our People and our Land then oppose the law and get it changed.  If government would come against the People, Law, Land, then change the government (and the hired people who make up the government).

This is my political rant for this month.  Is there a presidential candidate who can actually do the job of leading the charge of rescuing this nation?  I sure hope so.