Saturday, October 24, 2009

My recent letter to Sen. Patty Murray

This is what I wrote to Sen. Patty Murray in response to here recent video chat that is currently on YouTube.

Our Health Care System is Fine

"Here is my story. I was cleaning my brushes in lacquer thinner when I accidentally splashed some into my eye. I immediately began flushing my eyes with water. I actually stood in the shower, fully clothed, and flushed my eyes with water for over 15 minutes.

While still in pain from the chemicals, my wife rushed me to the Everett Clinic in Stanwood. I was seen and treated almost immediately while my wife filled out the paper work. I fully recovered as a result of my quick thinking and good treatment from the Everett Clinic.

We have zero insurance. I made a down payment. The Everett Clinic billed us for the rest. I think we stretched the payments for 2 months.

The point is, the current health care system is privately run and works just fine. We do not need the United States Legislature to jump in and screw things up.

I saw your video and have come to the conclusion that you are not listening to your constituents. And, for your information, we do not have a "system". We have a privately run health care industry that works just fine.

Oh, what the heck is this National Emergency declaration over Swine Flu. In all my years, I have never heard of such of thing. Are they now going to be passing vaccines out in schools now? We truly do not have an epidemic. I feel bad for the families who have lost loved ones to the Flu. But really, the Flu takes lives every year and never has a National Emergency been declared. This is just a misuse of funds and power."

As you can see, any simple person can write his or her representatives in Washington. Maybe you can do a better job than me. The point here is just doing. Go to your elected officials web-site and use their e-mail section and blast off a message to them. The keyboard is mightier than the sword, you might say.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Say No

Here's the thing. I'm a really simple person, but I can read. I read the Constitution and come away with the knowledge that I am free. I also read some old writings from our Founding Fathers and discover that they believe all men are free, but some just do not know it yet.

Our government is currently in breach of the Constitution and the original intent of our Founding Fathers. It is currently conspiring to steel the freedoms from private businesses and citizens by instituting take-overs of banks, businesses, insurance companies and even home mortgages. The government should never be involved in such things as it is an infringement of the "Freeness" of the Freemen of this country.

If all people in this country would just say NO to new laws that are being passed and being attempted to pass, the government would have to stand down and rethink it's approach. The members of our government think if they make laws, people will have to abide by them. Well, if they read the Constitution, when these laws circumvent the Bill of Rights, the laws can be ignored and the government forced to submit to the people. The People rule this country. The Lawmakers are mere extensions of the People. When the right hand sins, cut it off, the Good Book says. If the eye sins, pluck it out. People, Freemen of the U.S.A., our government has sinned and continues to sin against the Bill of Rights and in doing so, have really declared war on the Citizens of this Great Nation.

What are we going to do about it people? Are we just going to sit around and let these Communist Thugs transform our beautiful country into a commie wasteland? What are we going to do about it? I say start with just saying NO. If they don't listen to that then remove them from office and replace them with people who will abide by the constitution.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So, what's up. I could be totally bummed right now. All hell is breaking loose in our nation. Our freedoms are currently being debated on the House and Senate floors. The President has formed a coalition of czars to research how Communism can save the U.S. economy. Don't these guys read history. Where has Communism actually helped the economy. Which nation does it really work in.

We are free in this nation. But, I could really be bummed thinking about all this but I am not. You know why? Because God created this world and He alone will dismantle it and destroy it. So, we humans will just keep living on until God says "It is Finished" once and for all. I hope in God through the Jesus Christ my Lord and living God. Nothing else matters. All other things I could hope in are fleeting. I am over 40 years old now. I should know of fleeting things.