Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here, in the U.S.A., we have a holiday called Thanksgiving. I personally have 4 days off for this. It is traditionally the last Thursday of the month of November. And I have the 4 day weekend off of work.

So, what do we do for this holiday? Well, it is a time that our family comes together to share food and stories of how the previous year went. Most importantly, it is a time where we express our thankfulness to God for all He has provided us. This holiday is said to be traditionally passed down from the first Europeans on American soil, i.e., the Pilgrims. God saw them through harsh winters and a lengthy education in farming, building and community. Many died the first winter and many lived.

Now, interestingly enough, Fedora usually comes out early in November and is in the hands of the public long enough to have most of the bugs worked out of it by Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the many hands that contribute to this LInux distribution. I am a new member of the Fedora Distribution team. This is a group that sends free discs to folks who, for some odd reason, cannot download it themselves due to connection speed or total lack of connection all together.

So, this Thanksgiving, I'll be glad to be helping get the new F16 out to those who ask. If you need a copy and cannot get it yourself, go to Fedora Project or a quicker way is to go to the Fedora Free Media Program site to get one sent to you most anywhere in the world.

So, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy Fedora 16.