Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fedora and Mac

So, we have PC, Mac and Linux.  Right?  Nope.  We have PC's and Mac, and Linux can be on both.  Yes, tis true.  Both can have the best OS in the world (IMHO).  With a PC, just slide the ISO disk in and reboot.  Installation is as easy as pushing the icon on the desktop.

For Mac, the following is an example of how to install Fedora on a later Mac.  Not sure if this works for PPC, but we'll address that later.  Anyways:

"The easiest way is to install "Refit" in your macbook leopard. "Refit" is like a bootloader and it shows a menu which allows any bootable CD or DVD to boot when you hit the option key after system power on. After you get past this menu its a normal Fedora [or Linux] installation, nothing new. There is a disk utility to shrink the volume of the hard disk for mac and thereafter you can use it format and install any OS you want. I am not sure whether you can format the entire hard disk and remove the macintosh OS ."

(This was quoted from the Fedora Forum.   It is an example of one of many threads on the forum suggesting the use of Refit)

So, basically, for all us newbees out here in the world of end users, Refit helps the Mac set up a boot manager so the Mac can dual boot the Mac OS and Linux as well as Window's 7 I believe.

That's all I know.  If you have used Refit on your own Mac,  I would be totally interested in your feedback.   Macintosh Computers are awesome machines.  Why not be able to load the OS of your choice on them as well.

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