Monday, November 21, 2011

Games on Fedora 15

No, I have not upgraded yet.  Not Thanksgiving yet either.  I have a few games I like to play on Fedora.  One is Minecraft, and then Glaxium, Kobo Delux,  and Powermanga.

Minecraft is one that I payed about $30 for.  It is Java based which means it is cross-platform.  This means it works on Linux, Windows and Mac.  I'm sure if your smart phone has enough ram, Minecraft would work on it too.  But anyhow, Minecraft is a simple game in look and feel, but complex enough to keep the geekiest of geeks happy for hours.

To check it out, just do a Google search for Minecraft.  Great Christmas present for kids of all ages.

The next one is Glaxium. 

This is a space type arcade game.  It's a simple game with some cool graphics.  You are in a spaceship with weapons to defend yourself and to blast the enemy.  Pretty simple game that will keep your interest for hours.  This comes in the Fedora 15 repos which means it is free.

Another one is Kobo Delux. 

This is a 2D space game with lots of color.  The goal of the game is to blast all the alien space stations while they try to blast you.  It start from simple and goes to complex.  We've had gaming parties and this one was that game that everyone ended up playing throughtout the night.  It comes with most Linux distributions and is cross platform.  Don't think it is a network game though.  It is a lot of fun and challenging.  It will bring back the '80's in you.

The last one is goofy.  It is Powermanga. 

It is an arcade shooting game kinda like Galaga.  You shoot through all the drone ships to get to the mother ship.  You pick up special power-ups along the way.  These power-ups need to be maintained throughout the game.  Without them, you have no chance against the mother-ship.

I have never been much of a gamer, but on occasion, I like to do mindless stuff.  Fedora comes with a lot of fun games.  Cross platform games are really fun because they can be played on every system in the house.  Anyway, have fun with that.  Oh, all these games I have mentioned are available on other Distributions as well (with the exception of Minecraft which is  about $30). 

I just like Fedora, you guessed, because it's blue and wears a Red Hat.

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