Monday, September 24, 2012

What can I do with Linux?

Really?  Yes.  People do ask that question.  First of all, with Linux, I save money and lots of it.  Now that that is out of the way, I can now choose which developer to send money to so my favorite applications get the most attention.  But, really, what do I do with Fedora 17?  I will see if I can make a list for you so you can compare it to the other leading OS's.

I can go on the Internet, watch Flash video, watch DVDs, play CDs, draw, design, model, edit photos, create and edit video, burn music and video, see e-mail, run a web server, run an e-mail server, run a home cloud network, share between Linux and Windows machines,

If I were a programmer I could develop C++, Python, and Java, using a choice of editors.  But I am a programer, but if I were, I would be right at home with Linux.

You know what else, if I were a church media tech, I would use OpenLP for overhead presentations. 

I am what I call a pretty good "end user".  I appreciate all the Fedora developers do to get the product out here.  It is packaged with a lot of cool stuff.  Now one of the things that get left out of Linux is games.  But really not.  Fedora has arcade style games.  Keep watching the distros because Java gaming is getting more popular.  And, games can be designed for Linux because Linux can run Java, Python C++ and probably more than this end user has knowledge of.

But really, I am middle aged and not a real gamer.  I do play Mine Craft once in a while, but I'm more into social networking and watching old movies on my computer.  And for that, my Fedora does an awesome job.  I could draw stuff with a pen tablet using several different, but similar, editing programs like Gimp.  But, I'm not that artistic, but if I was, I would still use Fedora as with Gimp, I could save my art in just about any commercial format used today.

And guess what.  It only gets better because this Thanksgiving, Fedora 18 comes out.  Can't wait...but I will...but if I didn't want to I could install the Alpha and Beta versions.  You could to or you could just try a Live CD.

So what can I do with Linux?  For me, anything I want to do.  Linux is for everyone, just don't forget to thank a developer.

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