Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fedora Talk

I installed Fedora 15 on my son's computer which is a Hewlett Packard G60 series laptop. It installed without a hitch. Wi-Fi installed automatically. It is a really nice system. is now replaced with Libreoffice which is pretty much the same thing, but has more promise of being maintained for several years to come. I did have to set Samba up so it could talk to the rest of the house. I installed Chrome, but had to tell Chrome where to find the Adobe Flash plug-ins. No problem as the Fedora Forum people are a really great help.

Ease of installation was just that--easy. Just stick the disk in, reboot to the disk, and answer some simple questions and it installs super fast. Any other stuff need can be found on the Fedora Forum. And it is Blue. I like the color blue. Another thing that is nice about it is the system installs RPM files from the internet by the push of a button. Just like I said, easy.

I installed KDE because that is what I am used to using. Rumor has it Gnome 3 is full of bugs. Those will soon be worked out. Fedora is still a bleeding edge Linux Distribution. The Fedora Team does a great job getting new ideas out. And it is the Fedora Community that gives the welcomed feedback. After Fedora people play with the new stuff, other distribution incorporate it. Distributions like Debian.

Oh yes. Back to Debian. Debian 6 is using software that Fedora 10 was using a few years ago. So if you want the fun stuff, get Fedora. Fedora installs easier, downloads are more dependable, updating is really easy, upgrading is pretty much automatic and really fast.

And the bottom line is, I like blue.

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