Saturday, May 28, 2011

Debian Upgrade

O.K. folks. I tried to do a direct install of Debian Squeeze to my Asus box to no avail. Lots of issues there primarily because my box is so old. What I did to was go back to the Lenny CD that I have.

First thing to do was install Lenny. Once installed I opened Konsole (KDE) and typed:

#aptitude update

#aptitude -f full-upgrade

That made sure I had all the latest for Lenny. Next I typed the following:

#nano /etc/apt/sources.list

In nano I changed everything that said "lenny" to "squeeze" and saved the file.

Next, I typed:

#aptitude update

#aptitude -f full-upgrade

It is now updating everything to Squeeze. It should be that simple. We'll find out. Meanwhile, I'll just watch the Konsole do its thing.

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