Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Debian vs. Fedora...the saga continues

O.K.  To be fare, I am currently downloading a live image of Debian Sqeeze.  It is the "standard" iso meaning I think I'll choose my "spin" upon installation.  I like KDE, but the KDE spin was 1.0 g and I only have a CD player on my Debian box.  I guess I could have put it on a USB stick.

Which brings me to another point.  Debian has a super large amount of choice for downloading.  It is so huge that an end user might become overwhelmed and not know what to do.  I chose the "standard" ISO because I wanted to install using the CD player.

A little about my Debian box...oh the download is complete...pause while I get this thing going....I'm burning the ISO using K3b on my Fedora 14 box.  The download took about 5 minutes compared to the Fedora download I did yesterday.  The Fedora one is different as I have a more modern computer to use.

Oh, the Debian box is...wait, the CD is done. Let's start installing this on my Debian box which is an old Asus box with a Pentium 3 or 4 processor at just under 800 mhz and 500 mb of ram.  It has an Nvidia 256 mg dedicated video card, a CD player and an extra USB card.  It is connected to the Internet, of course.

So, let's get started on the installation.  So, the live CD is running and we are on our way.  It is currently about 10 minutes to 3.  I'll let you know how long it takes.  It is now 5 to 3 and I found the "standard" is not what I want.  I'm going to try the USB ISO.  Hang on there, I'll get back to ya.

So, I went back to the "Standard" ISO and chose "text install" from the main menu.  Everything is running smoothly and it is now 3:15.  It is now 3:40 and it says installation is complete.  We'll see.
So, what was installed with the "Standard" was Debian with no desktop or anything.  So, I just entered, as root, "aptitude install kde" to see what I get.  And now it is downloading all the necessary files for the KDE-Desktop experience for Squeeze.  It is now 3:50.  I might watch a movie while I'm waiting.

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