Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Debian vs. Fedora 4?

Yes! It is here. Fedora 15 is here. So, in this hour I am changing the oil in my commuter car, downloading Fedora 15 KDE-64 bit and blogging about it at the same time. I have not decided whether to simply upgrade from 14 or do a full install. For the sake of the Debain vs. Fedora arguement, I think I will do the upgrade.

Remember, in a previous post, I downloaded Debian Squeeze and attempted to install this. Oh, but before that, I attempted to upgrade from the previous version, Lenny. The upgrade was difficult for the end user and even for the intermediate user. The upgraded failed only because I did not have the right knowledge to accomplish the task. I'm sure, with a few tries, that I will be able to do it. Right now, I am simply searching for the uncorrupted Live CD that will install on my devoted Debian box. I will try that again as I do like Debian, but right now, Fedora seems to be more geared to the end user than Debian.

With that, to upgrade to Fedora 15, first, one does:

#yum install preupgrade

When that is complete:

#yum -y update


Then when your system is up and running do:

#yum -y preupgrade

Then simply let the OS do its work. Stick around to answer a few questions and maybe push a few buttons. Oh, I should also mention, whenever you do an upgrade, make sure you have backed up you precious files. I've never lost a file during a Fedora upgrade, but no promises here. You can back-up using an external hard-drive, CDs, or DVDs, or large thumb-drives. You can also use off-site services like Dropbox, ZumoDrive, ADrive, and more. Check the list.

Oh, Fedora just finish downloading. That was just about 30 minutes. I'm not ready to do the upgrade as I personally need to do some backing up and I need to get out and finish changing the oil. Tomorrow, I'll do my backup and let you know how I do it.

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